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Tips for a successful delivery and FAQ’s

Delivery, assembly, installation and disposal of old furniture

Parking restrictions:
Please tell us about any parking restrictions around your property. You might live on a street that is notoriously difficult to park on, or there may be time restrictions present. We may need permission to park, especially if we have to enter onto private property. We may need special fobs or codes to get through gated areas. We really need to know all of this BEFORE we deliver your goods.
Choose the right item for your property:
We would like to ensure that you, the customer is 100% satisfied with your order and there is no need to return your goods. We do find that some customers may poorly choose their furniture causing inconvenience for them and us in getting the item returned especially if it is bulky and heavy. This may result in additional cost to the customer for the cancellation/or return. Please consider your choices carefully. We are really happy to help if you require any advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Key pick up and drop off:
We are very happy to pick up and drop off keys for access, however, it can happen that customers advise us of a particular location, but on arrival the keys are in a different location or have gone missing completely. This causes loss of time and frustration for both parties. We ask that you are aware of where the keys are to enable us to pick them up and drop them off in a convenient fashion.
When ordering appliances, it is really important that you advise us if the appliance is integrated or free standing. Please check before you order, as this may lead to longer delays.
Water and power connections:
Please check that when you are ordering appliances that there is a suitable power connection within reach of the appliance and, if possible, dedicated to that appliance. Where you are ordering washing machines, please ensure that there is a working water supply in the right location before you order. Our delivery team are willing to connect up your appliance for a small fee but they are unable to carry out any works to the power or water supply should they not be in reach of the location of the appliance.
Invoicing requirements:
Tell us if you have any special invoicing requirements when raising your order. You are able to add notes to your order online which will be picked up by our customer service team
Receiving your goods:
We require a person to be available on the day of delivery to sign off the delivery note. It is very important that all items are checked for damage and signed off as received and fit for purpose. Our delivery team assemble and install all items into the room of your choice so they will require guidance on this during the delivery slot. Please ensure that you have dedicated enough time to accompany the delivery team and advise them what they need to do.
Please measure up accurately:
Our website shows all dimensions and we ask that you measure correctly within your property so that large items can fit through doorways and are able to be transported upstairs, through corridors and turned within small spaces. We have had a number of customers that ordered items too big for their property and this caused disappointment and a wasted delivery trip for our delivery team.
Unwanted items:
We are happy to remove old unwanted items on a like for like basis at the time of delivery free of charge. This is restricted to one or two items only. We need prior warning of this at the time of ordering to ensure that we have enough space on the lorry. We reserve the right to refuse any request to remove an item on the day of delivery if not arranged by prior notice.
Mattresses and linen:
Please check the size of your existing bed and be careful to order the right size mattress. If ordering linen, we ask again that you double check the size required and order the right size for your mattress. You would be surprised how many people don’t and then have to return them causing inconvenience and cost on both sides. Please be aware that if you have removed the protective packaging from the mattress we will be unable to take it back.

For your information please find mattress measurements below:

75cm x 190cm
2’6 x 6’3
135cm x 190cm
4’6 x 6’3
150cm x 200cm
5’0 x 6’6
Packages and rental:

Bundles: Can I modify my pack?
You will be unable to remove any items from the packs that are on offer, but you will be able to add any item to your cart to compliment the furniture pack. We have put the furniture packs together in such a way that provides you with the basics allowing you to add any item of your choice to further complement your pack.
Rental periods: What is the minimum rental period for rental furniture?
We are able to offer rental packages for a minimum of 6 months to indefinitely. Your costs will be provided showing a monthly rental figure.
We will collect the rental furniture in time for the end of the contract period.
How new is your furniture?
When you order rental furniture from us, we will always provide brand new items for you.
What happens if I damage my rental furniture during my rental period?
If an item has been damaged through negligence or by accident and the items are beyond repair, then additional charges may be incurred by the customer.  These charges will be subjective to the damage caused and will be advised upon inspection by our warehouse operatives.
Can you send me an itemised breakdown of my rental quote?
All our prices are worked out as a package as a whole so we will not be able to provide an itemized breakdown of each item.